Duties and Responsibilities

Financial management and fundraising occupied a significant portion of college presidents’ time in 2016. Some of their biggest frustrations, which included a lack of money and the degree to which constituent groups understand institutional challenges, may shape this focus.

Uses of Time

In 2016, college presidents spent most of their time on financial management and fundraising. Other widely cited time-consuming activities included managing a senior-level team, governing board relations, and enrollment management.

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In 2016, college presidents indicated that a lack of financial resources was their greatest professional challenge. Faculty resistance to change and lack of time to think and reflect also surfaced as key frustrations. These were followed by problems inherited from previous leadership and the belief by others that presidents are infinitely accessible.

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Internal Constituents

According to college presidents in 2016, provosts offered the most support in advancing institutional mission among internal constituents. Students and faculty were the two internal constituent groups presidents thought understood institutional challenges the least.

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External Constituents

In 2016, college presidents identified boards of regents as the external constituent group that offers the most support in advancing institutional mission. State legislators and the media were the two external constituent groups presidents thought understood institutional challenges the least.

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