Internal and External Influences

College presidents expect changes to campus revenue sources over the next five years. This shift may influence their perceptions of performance metrics and the nature of their state’s political climate.

Funding Sources

In 2016, 85 percent of college presidents expected revenue from private gifts, grants, and contracts to make up a larger proportion of their institution’s budget over the next five years. Conversely, 41 percent expected revenues from state governments to decrease.

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Legitimate Performance Metrics

College presidents identified retention rates, graduation rates, and minority student outcomes as the most legitimate performance metrics in 2016. Conversely, presidents viewed the U.S. News & World Report’s rankings and competitive or external research grants as the least legitimate performance metrics.

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State Political Climate

While 50 percent of college presidents characterized their state’s political climate as supportive of higher education in 2016, 41 percent believed it to be hostile.

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